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 Or if you’ve read the Spanish phrasebook:

 ¿Puede hablar inglés?

In the golf clubs and restaurants on the Costa the answer to this question is almost always “yes” and the conversation continues in English. Away from the tourist establishments or inland the answer may be “no” or “un poco” and communication becomes rather more difficult. So how about learning some Spanish?

I’ve had a house in Guadalmina for 12 years but my only Spanish words were “hola” and “gracias”. This year I decided to change things and learn some Spanish. I bought a computer-based course called Fluenz - which has been great - but to bring it to life you need someone to talk to and explain stuff the computer misses (or perhaps I missed!). That’s where a Skype tutor can be really useful. I’ve been using Vanessa – who also taught my colleague Michael – and have found that her flexible approach fits perfectly alongside my coursework.

I’m still in the early stages but learning Spanish hasn’t been as daunting as I’d feared and Vanessa’s friendly input via Skype has been helpful and encouraging. 

Colin, S

REPRODUCED WITH THE KIND PERMISSION OF HOME PROFESIONAL SYSTEM S.L., ( a Property Management, Construction and Community Services company based  on the south coast of Spain. 

My belief is that anyone can learn a language and at any age. Currently my youngest learner is 8 years old and the oldest 65. Studying languages is fun! It does require persistence but hard work always pays off. I attempt to make every lesson interesting and informative and I am happy to say that a high percentage of my business is from repeat customers and referrals.

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Vanessa Alexander Private Tutor

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Private Spanish & French Tuition by Vanessa Alexander

Learning a new language is an asset

In a world without borders, globalisation and easy mobility, learning a new language is definitely an asset. Apart from being useful when we travel, it does help to improve career prospects more so if you plan to learn a foreign language that is of use in your professional life.

Two of the most widely spoken languages across the world are French and Spanish. While Brexit may have the UK exit the EU, there will still be expats working in Spain and France. If you want to boost your resume you could choose between opting for French tuition or Spanish tuition by a highly experienced foreign languages teacher like Vanessa Alexander.

Some of the additional benefits include ... CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE:

20 March 2020

My daughter says Vanessa is one of the best teachers she's ever had. I'm very happy my daughter is enjoying languages (French and Spanish). It's a life skill.

T.C.A., Cheltenham

14 November 2018

Vanessa is a great tutor, our lessons are always well organised, interesting, varied and challenging. It can’t be easy for a tutor ‘to stay the course’ when a student is struggling with new concepts but Vanessa always manages to do so with encouraging words and a smile.

I strongly recommend Vanessa, whether for those looking to start a new language or for those wanting to brush up existing skills. 

Mike R., Cheltenham

12 November 2018

I can’t believe how much my confidence with speaking French has improved since I started having lessons with Vanessa. She tailors each lesson to exactly the area I need help with and takes the time to ensure I have fully understood new things before moving on. She has the patience of a saint.

Scott C., Tewkesbury