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Barcelona - home of Gaudí

Vanessa's background

Since 1982, Vanessa has worked in Communication, namely the inter-related fields of public relations, event management, journalism and editing, voice recordings and public speaking, and foreign languages, particularly online and face to face Spanish and French lessons.

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While living and studying in London, Vanessa obtained qualifications in French for overseas students from the Sorbonne University in Paris and simultaneously studied Spanish. She also has a First-Class Honours Degree in Modern Language Studies with French, Spanish and English.

Her language ability proved invaluable when she was appointed International Publicity Co-ordinator for the famous film director Bernardo Bertolucci and highly-respected producer Jeremy Thomas on "The Last Emperor", winner of 9 Oscars in 1988.

In 1999 she moved to Spain to seek business opportunities in the thriving tourist and construction industries on the South Coast, with a natural lead into the complex legal industry as the boom continued, interpreting in notaries' and lawyers' offices, as well as translating interviews with Oscar nominees from Spanish to English for a quality magazine.

In addition, Vanessa focused on bespoke tuition from beginner to intermediate level Spanish, catering for business people one-to-one and tutoring online clients from Scotland to Gibraltar via the internet. Immersed in the culture of Spain itself and the evolving ex-pat community for over 10 years, she was able to fulfil a long-held and rewarding ambition of living and working abroad.

She is now based in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire and is an online tutor (previously also face to face) to advanced level Spanish and French, teaching students worldwide who want to learn and speak Spanish and French quickly and effectively for school and college exams, business or personal reasons.

English tuition is also available for Spanish or French speakers as well as English students.

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Vanessa tutors students of any age including those studying for exams in Spanish and French at GCSE, IGCSE, IB, AS and A2 level and OU.

All students are encouraged to do their best and even those suffering from a lack of understanding or finding themselves behind in their studies can generally go from E grades to A* in a short time if they put in 100% effort.

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